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 South America


Medical Tourism in Argentina

Argentina is well known for its skilled medical practitioners and advanced healthcare facilities. Many American and European patients are opting to receive medical treatments in this country because of the low cost of services, and flourishing tourism industry. The collapse of their currency in January of 2002 created an value opportunity for the export of all products and services. Most hospitals and medical facilities offer any surgery available in the United States at a fraction of what patients, or their insurance companies, would have to pay in their home countries.  

Some of thetreatments offered in this popular destination range from heart surgeries like bypass surgeries, angioplasty to cosmetic surgeries like liposuction, tummy tucks, and breast implants.  Buenos Aires is the most popular city for its highly advanced cosmetic surgeries.  1 in 30 people in Argentina have had cosmetic surgery which is one of the highest rates in the world.  Argentina’s stable government and educated population will only continue to make Argentina a favorable destination for medical travel. 

Argentina Travel and Tourism

Argentina is the second-largest country in South America, and the eighth-largest in the world. Argentina is a popular tourist destination, known for its beautiful natural landscapes, rich history, culture and cosmopolitan european culture and population.  With a wide variety of holiday options, Argentina offers something to suit every taste.  This includes skiing on the slopes of the snow-capped mountains, or relaxing by pristine lakes, sunning on the beaches or hiking to breath-taking waterfalls. These reasons have made Argentina one of the most sought after destinations for American and European tourists.  Many patients are now choosing this pleasant retreat as a top destination for medical tourism.  

The most prominent city offering these services is Buenos Aires, the capital city of the country. This Latin-American destination has the rich flavor of European culture owing to the many expatriates now settled there.

Climate in Argentina

Some people often forget that the seasons are reversed fromt those in the northern hemisphere.  Most of the major cities like Buenos Aires and Pampas are temperate which means they are hot and humid in the summer and cold in the winter.  The climate of the Andes region varies with elevation and the world famous Patagonia has extream weather shifts.

Largest Cities in Argentina

Buenos Aires - The largest and the Capital City

Córdoba - The second largest City

La Plata - known as the "the perfect city"

Mendoza - The forth largest and known for wine

San Juan - Capital of San Juan provicne and wine producing capital


The official language is Spanish with varied regional dialects.  English is often understood in tourist oriented places and larger cities.  English, Italian, and French are mandatory education in Buenos Aires high schools.

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Dr. Abel Chajchir Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Description :
If you are thinking about Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery or Aesthetic Dermatology , you can contact Barrancas Medical Center. One of the most recognized and well known Plastic Surgery and Laser Centers in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Dr. Abel Chajchir
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Dr. Sergio Korzin Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Description :
State of thr Art Laser and Surgery Unit
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Dr. Sergio Korzin
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Capital Federal, Argentina.
Description :
No short description Available.
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Dr. Eduardo CÚsar Gobbi
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